• Anthony Hett

How to write a short film - Inspiration

Hello and welcome back to my new blog, where I will be offering simple and practical advice on how to write and then make an interesting, engaging and hopefully successful short film.

Where better to start than at the very beginning? Today we're going to take a little look at inspiration. Where does it come from and where can you look for it.

So you're trying to come up with the killer idea that you're going to feel passionate about (because even though you're making a short film, it's important to remember that it's going to be a marathon not a sprint), but you're struggling for inspiration. So what should you do?

Tip #1:

If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. What has inspired you in the past?

Tip #2:

Do you have a quiet place to retreat to? Somewhere that can give you the time and space required to just sit and think?

Tip #3:

Inspiration is all around you. It has been staring you in the face the whole time.

Places to look for inspiration:

1. Watch short films

Do you watch lots of short films? I hope the answer is yes. The best way to understand what makes a short film successful is by watching lots of shorts, successful ones and not so successful ones.

2. Arts and culture

Fill your life with arts and culture. Watch films, read books, go to the theatre, watch live bands, visits art galleries and museums.

3. Newspapers

Read the news (although not too much and try and find positive news stories where possible). I find that local newspapers often have some wonderful stories that might not appear in the national papers. Also consider widening your horizons a little and keep up to date with interesting (and less reported) news from around the world?

I hope that you find these tips helpful. Maybe leave a comment below with what inspires you, be sure to check out my YouTube videos and I will see you back here soon. In my next blog I will be running you through a writing exercise, designed to help create scenarios you might never normally have imagined.

And remember, if you're interested in 1:2:1 mentoring sessions, where I go into all of the topics I cover here but in greater detail, send me a message through my contact page.